It is well known that the glass reactor may include many different types such as the high pressure reactor, double layer reactor, chemical reactor, and single glass reactor. In fact, they have wide applications and functions.

Single Glass ReactorFirstly, we have to understand what it is before using. In fact, some operators can do stir reaction by placing a single layer glass reactor inner reaction solvents. What is more, this can use heat source cycle to achieve inner thermostat for heating or cooling of the reaction that can be controlled with a refluxing solvent distillation. On the contrary, the double layer glass reactor is a modern synthetic chemistry, bio-pharmaceuticals. In addition, it is also a new ideal test preparation materials and production equipment.

As is known to all, this reactor is equipped with many features and advantages. In addition, the reactor may all be equipped with these features such as digital display of mixing speed, frequency conversion, and constant speed mixing system. What¡¯s more, the inner layer can be led into reagents and their vacuum can be taken out.

In fact, this reactor is also equipped with many advantages compared with other reactors. Meanwhile, it is also more used for many fields. In other words, it has wide applications in our production and life. For example, the single reactor can offer the high temperature reaction and make vacuum taken out so as to make negative reaction. Meanwhile, it can do a variety of solvent synthesis reaction at a constant temperature. In addition, the parts of the device can be controlled fully sealed structure.

The most important is that the continuous use of negative pressure suction variety of liquids and gases, reflux or distillation can also be done at different temperatures. Actually, it may also include many other applications that we are not familiar. Moreover, these applications may play an important role in our lives.

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