Internet, since it was introduced has developed so much, that now we can’t imagine the world without it. Very big share of all businesses depend on it and can’t exist without the web environment. The Internet branch is nowadays one of the biggest in the world. Companies like Google and Facebook use mainly the Internet network to exist and at the same time are at the forefront or the biggest enterprises in the world. The everyday life of people around the world is also strictly connected with the Internet. Almost every piece of information that exits in the world can be found using the Google browser. Number of Facebook users was about one billion at the beginning of 2014 and it is still increasing. There are plenty of other worldwide Internet applications that simplify the life of ordinary citizens. Services like ordering taxis, looking for cooking recipes or shopping online are widely used by many citizens.

Threats of the Web

The group of the users that is the most exposed to the bad influence of the Internet is the young people, especially kids. Their naivety and lack of experience are the main reasons of why the web environment can be so dangerous to them. Pornographic websites are the threat that adults are the most afraid of as far as children activity in the Internet is concerned. Websites containing this kind of content may strongly influence the children’s mentality and have serious consequences in the future. The second type of content that is extremely dangerous for the kids is violence. Kids may take it as a normal behavior and because of that have serious problems in creating positive relationships between peers. The same thing goes with the bullying, every day thousands of videos are uploaded that depicts bullying among young people. If those behaviors are taken as a pattern, kids may have some serious problems with the law.

Very often we can hear about the examples of addiction to the Internet. It concerns the adults as well as the kids. Problem is very serious because every addiction is dangerous, but in this case, victims have to deal with physical and psychical problems. Kids are able to spend all night without the knowledge of their parents just playing their favorite game online.

How can we change it?

The best scenario regarding children’s activity in the Net is when they are fully aware of all threats that are lurking in the Web and have sufficient skills to omit them. To achieve that, first thing that parents should do, is to educate the kids. Honest talk and showing them how to properly use the Internet functions are the basics. Second thing that can be done is to install the parental control software. It is a computer program that can track the traffic performed by the user, block the access to the particular websites and even control the amount of time that the user is able to spend in front of the computer screen.

Parents have to keep in mind that every action performed to increase the level of their children’s security. They should consult with their little ones and deeply explain everything step by step. Only after that, the kids will understand why some actions are taken, and pehraphs they will accept them and follow the rules set by the parents.

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