Putting up pretty lights and decorations on the roof is a tradition followed worldwide on different occasions. Be it someone’s wedding or Christmas, be it New Year or Holiday season – everybody wants to make their house look stunning from the outside on special events. A house adorned with colourful decorative lights is something to behold especially during the winter season. Today, I’m going to share with you some simple tips to help you decorate your roof for the holiday season. Let’s get started!

1. Make a plan or design

First make a plan inside your head or on a piece of paper. Follow the layout that you come up with. You can also check for different designs and layouts on the internet to help you out.

2. Start from the focal point

You don’t want to just randomly throw lights and decorations on your house. The first thing to do is to pick a centre point and start from there. All the decorative lights should be aligned to the focal point otherwise you will end up having a box like house stuck in tangled lights and decorations.

3. Take measurements

Grab a measuring tape and measure your roofline. Measure the height of your roof too in case your design involves hanging strands of light. Now that you have the measurements, you know how many lights you require to work on your design.

4. Check the load on the gutters

Don’t put too many lights and decorations on the gutters as the weight can damage them.

5. Use plastic clips

Once you’re up the ladder, you can use plastic clips to attach the decorative lights to your roofline or to the pillars etc. Make sure the lights are secured properly. You don’t want them to fall down and ruin everything.

6. No nails or stapler

If you want your house to remain unharmed, avoid using nails or stapler. They are reliable, but they’ll damage your roof or even break it. The gutter might get punctured too. Nails are a no-no if you want to save yourself from an expensive repair job later.

7. Safety checks

Where there’s electricity, there’s potential danger. The spark could end up firing up your entire house. Check for any naked wires or open connections. Don’t use lights that are flickering. Use zip ties to safely keep the lights in place without damaging them. Make sure no power lines, antennas or dishes are in the way of the lights. For a professional job, we suggest to call a professional roofing company southeast Michigan.

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