Tasks To Be Done Before The Home Move

Before The Home Move

Before The Home Move

Are you relocated to a new place? Then, there would be umpteen tasks to do. Few of them include hiring Packers and Movers in Ernakulam, buying packing material, packing fragile items, cleaning the home, buying new furniture for the new residence, looking for schools in the new place, finishing the documentation work with landlord, etc. In between these tasks, focusing completing on the packing would be difficult and stressful for the people, especially if they are living in the same home for a long time. When you have planned the move, you would be preparing for it in advance to avoid rush and hassles in the last minute. It is crucial for you to prioritize the tasks that need to be done every week to make the move to the new residence a breeze.

If you have planned a move, there are a few tasks that need to be done by you.

Dispose or purge unwanted items: You need to declutter the things in your home when you are moving. This would be the right time to dispose unwanted items and take only the possessions that you are using. This reduces the weight and also the cost. When you move these items along with the needful to the new destination, it increases the load and the packers and movers would charge little high amount. It is ideal to say no to unwanted belongings while moving.

Disconnect the cables: When you have planned the move, you would need to inform the cable operator to disconnect the cable connection for you a day prior to your move. This helps you to avoid entangling between the wires. When the cable operator comes to your home for disconnection, clear the entire due amount to be paid.

Go to bank to raise a request for changing the address: This is the crucial task that is often overlooked by many people. You need to give a written request to the bank to update your new address and send all the envelopes you receive in the future to the new address to avoid misplacement. When you do this, you can also avoid the financial adversities in the new place.

Get quotation from packers and movers: With overwhelming choice of Packers and Movers in Ernakulum available in the locality, it would be cumbersome for you to find the right one. First, you need to list down all the best moving companies in your locality and then ask them to send you the quotation based on your needs and requirements. Moreover, when you are availing the services of these people, you would need to meet them in person. This Packers and Movers in Ernakulam would come to your place to inspect the belongings and bring the right vehicle to carry all the things in your home without doing multiple trips.

Inform relatives, friends and acquaintances: You also need to inform about your move to your friends and family to the new destination. Also, you need to cancel the newspaper subscription and utility connection at the old place.

The above are a few important things that are to be done by the people who are moving to a new place.

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