How To Blocking Your WordPress Categories and Archives From Google

We all know that duplicate content can be a problem. People copy your work, re-post it on their website, then you both are penalized...

WordPress release its new version 2.8.2 with security update

Wordpress release its new version 2.8.2 and fixes its XSS vulnerability. Comment author URLs were not fully sanitized when displayed in the admin. This...

Add Breadcrumbs to Your WordPress Blog

Breadcrumb NavXT is a WordPress plugin compatible with WordPress versions 2.5 and up. This plugin generates locational breadcrumb trails for your WordPress blog. These...

WordPress 2.8 Widgets Options Page

In the current trunk of WordPress is a "first run" of the new widget management available to see. This is a development version, it...
Guest Blogging

Five Tips To Make a Perfect Guest Blogging Strategy

Guest Blogging Guest blogging is an incredible resource, one that is often ignored as a valid promotional technique. Because in the end, that is exactly...

WordPress 3.1 Goes Live: A Review

The long awaited version of WordPress is now available for download. WordPress 3.1 Reinhardt is fourteenth major release of WordPress, bringing a host of...

How to Disable Syntax Highlighting in WordPress 2.8?

One of WordPress 2.8 new features is syntax highlighted editor for WordPress files. While the idea was exiting, I must admit I didn’t enjoyed...

Caution When Updating To WordPress 2.8

Users reporting us, that they are missing files, after they automatically updated to WordPress version 2.8 and there were a problem while updating. We...

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