This tutorial will tells you to create a user online detection system. This tutorial has required a mysql database and php enable server.

Please follow these steps to complete your own UserOnline System.

Create table “user_online” in mysql in database “database1″.
CREATE TABLE `user_online` (
`userip` char(100) NOT NULL default ”,
`time` int(11) NOT NULL default ‘0’


Create a file name user_online.php.

Write three variables for userip, current time and timeout. I have write the following variables:


$to_secs = 120;        // time to reset IP address’s value in seconds, default here is 120 (2 minutes)

$t_stamp = time();

$timeout = $t_stamp – $to_secs;

Now is the time to connect this script with a database server and execute some queries. I use mysql server for this system.

$server = “localhost”;                // Your mySQL Server, most cases “localhost”

$db_user = “root”;            // Your mySQL Username

$db_pass = “password”;        // Your mySQL Password

$db = “database1”;                    // Database Name

This command will make a connection with the database server.

mysql_connect($server, $db_user, $db_pass) or die (“Useronline Database CONNECT Error”);

This query will make an entry with the user visiting timestamp in the user_online table.

mysql_db_query($db, “INSERT INTO user_online VALUES (‘$t_stamp’,’$REMOTE_ADDR’)”) or die(“Database INSERT Error”);

This query will delete those entry which are older than 2 minutes from user_online table.

mysql_db_query($db, “DELETE FROM user_online WHERE time<$timeout”) or die(“Database DELETE Error”);

Finally these quiry will get how many users visiting your website.

$result = mysql_db_query($db, “SELECT DISTINCT userip FROM user_online”) or die(“Database SELECT Error”);

$user = mysql_num_rows($result);


if ($user == 1){

echo “<b>$user</b> User Online”;


echo “<b>$user</b> Users Online”;


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