WordPress release its new Version 2.8

For those of you who love to be on the cutting edge, you’ll be happy to learn that the new version of WordPress 2.8...

How to Highlight Search Terms with jQuery?

A neat way to spice up your WordPress search page is to highlight search terms within your search results. I’ve seen some tutorials on...

WordPress release its new version v2.8.1

WordPress 2.8.1 fixes many bugs and tightens security for plugin administration pages. Core Security Technologies notified us that admin pages added by...

How to Schedule a Cron Events in your WordPress Blog?

Schedules a hook which will be executed by the WordPress actions core on a specific interval, specified by you. The action will trigger when...

How to Create user-defined RSS feeds in WordPress

If you need a custom RSS feed, like for example, a feed indexing only somes categories + tags, or if you redirected all WordPress...

Caution When Updating To WordPress 2.8

Users reporting us, that they are missing files, after they automatically updated to WordPress version 2.8 and there were a problem while updating. We...

WordPress 2.8 Password Security Option

After a new installation of WordPress, you get informed that you are logged in with the default password and this can be a security...

Control Max image width into WordPress

Have you ever had an image show up on your wordpress blog which is to large, causing problems?  This is common for WordPress blogs...

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